Exhibition by Jane Murray

jane murray

Jane Murray is exhibiting some of her beautiful watercolours in the gallery. You are invited to Meet the artist on Saturday 10th May from 10am until 12am, complimentary coffee and cake will be served. The exhibition will run from the 10th May to 8th June.

Jane mainly works in watercolour. Her work varies from detailed botanical studies to
larger out-of-scale, tending towards abstract, compositions. Recently her starting point has been the flowers, leaves and vegetables in her garden.

She has drawn and painted all her life. After finishing school she completed a foundation course at Leicester College of Art. She then went on to obtain a degree in Fine Art at Hull.

She followed the trend at the time and produced vague abstracts in oil on huge canvases. She later started designing greetings cards but found it limiting so started to enlarge her designs and sell them as pictures. She grew more and more interested and involved in the intricacies and the beauty of natural forms. This close study began taking her away from painting into a scientific study, which although fascinating, proved to be a dead end for Jane.

A few years ago she fell in love with some beautiful onions and leeks which she grew in her garden. Jane then started to paint a collection of vegetables which included red cabbage, courgettes, radishes, turnips and rhubarb. 

For the past 15 years Jane has worked in her attic studio at her home in Ulgham Grange, a hamlet 7 miles north of Morpeth. She continues to love the form and colour of many
flowers and grows poppies and irises which she paints on a seasonal basis. Her interest in the seasons also draws her towards autumn leaves, trees in the winter landscapes and the details of rotting wood, bark and lichen.