Knit A Blanket - Part 2

With Judith Goodfellow

Cost £20 plus materials

Over three sessions, learn a selection of textured, cabled, multicoloured and beaded stitches, and use them to create an impressive blanket worthy of becoming a family heirloom! This is a substantial project but does lend itself to being scaled down if either the challenge or the cost is too great. The course is modular so, although each of the sessions is different, you can jump on or off at any point. 

The course fee is split into the tuition element, payable at each attendance at the class, and the material costs. Judith can supply a high quality cotton yarn ideal for this project which comes on 900m cones and, at the time of printing the cost of this is £12 per cone. To create the full blanket will require approx. 7.5 cones of yarn in total, divided between  three different colours. To get started the minimum you would need to buy would be one cone in each of the three colours. The rest can be purchased as you go along. If you would like to use your own yarn that is also fine but please check with Judith first to ensure that anything you purchase is suitable for the project.

As the pattern we are using is not one of Judiths own  patterns, the pattern book will also need to be purchased and she can supply this at £10.50. Knitting needles, sewing up needles and stitch holders can also be supplied at cost if needed but you can, of course, use your own.

Judith intends to offer an additional session on making up and knitting the border once anyone in the class has got that far!

It is helpful if you can book this course at least 10 days in advance and provide an email address. This will give Judith time to send you a link to the yarn suppliers so that you can choose your yarn colours and (providing you let her know promptly!) for her to order in the yarn for you.