Meditation Self-Development Course

Six Week Meditation Course With Sean Monaghan and Amanda Popely 

Cost £10 per session 
Time 6pm to 7pm 

Every Thursday evening from 5th March until 9th April 2015

Meditation is a state of being. By putting your attention & focus on a particular object/sound/visual aid/movement you will be able to bring your mind and energy into that moment. There are many names & styles of meditation, so this course is about you finding your unique way to just be in the moment. Helping to clear, calm & still the mind, to  bring about a state of peace, balance, relaxation and awareness.  Maximising our potential in each moment.  Meditation helps to resolve all that comes our way, with clarity & focus. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, it is simply about finding what best works for you.

This is an ongoing workshop in a relaxed environment, where we will experience together various ways to connect and meditate, for your own personal development. Each session will be an hour long, where we will cover approx two different styles of meditation.

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Sean Monaghan